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Training for 5 Months

Hey guys, girls, dogs, puppies, kittens, lions, tigers, im not gay.
Ive been training for 5 months now and have seen some mirror/weight gains, but most of all my strength gains. You see im 16.4534 years old and my goal is to get strong, strong, and big and strong. Whats new?
Im a about 5’10, 100kg, (220? lbs?)
I train three times a week mon/wed/fri tue/thu/sat and back and forth, mixing it up. Most of my workouts are 2 hour plus marathons for me, and identically basic. I try to go heavy and lower the reps, this doesnt always work out as I have alot more stamina and end up doing a few more reps. A template of 8,6,4,2 reps and 4-7 sets.
Bench: 8 6 - 6 - 6 4 2 1
Squat-superset-legpress:8 6 - 6 - 6 4 2 1
Deadlift:8 6 4 2 1
Military press:8 6 6 6 4
T-bar rows:8 6 4 2
Weightedrow:8 6 4 2

Benching;60kg 1rpm ;’{
Squat;90kg 1rpm ;’(
Deadlift 100kg 1rpm ;’(

Im looking to up my bench, my squat and well… everything. My bench I struggle with the most and probably at the moment is getting me the most pissed. I wasn’t always on this programme. Before it I went for 4 months split routine bodybuilder type programme just putting on a bit of chicken. Will be posting pictures soon.
Looking for some critique of my programme?

Nutrition? Well my nutrition is pretty solid. Get up, skip breakfest 1 hour later have a hot dog. Lunch; burger. Dinner;Carbfest. My post workout food is subway chicken teryaki, mmmmm. Yep, my nutrition probably couldn’t get any worse, but it does. McDonalds, once a week. Post-workout.



anymore feedback?

Boo. A fuckin’ waste of time.

[quote]JUGG wrote:
anymore feedback? [/quote]


Find a workout on here and stick to it. Also, change that workout every 4 weeks, unless it is meant to last more.

Another tip? Go read all of Berardi’s articles about nutrition.

Oh and don’t forget to apply the knowledge you pick up from what you are about to go and read.

obviously u should start eating better first of all. Second of all try this 5x5 program. Your simply do 5 sets of 5 on whatever you can do 5 everyotehr day or so, i have made huge gains since doing it.

What are your goals?

sorry if I sound like a right tard but actually lift heavy stuff (preferably in a good program but I’m more worried about actually lifting heavy) deload a little

And eat, eat, eat

Don’t try and rep out endlessly…lift the heavy stuff, 5x5 10x3 I don’t care…just do it. No offense but at your level of strength development (which is even lower then mine at not too farr off double weight) You just need to lift the heavy stuff and relatively often

This is a joke post