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Training for 175lb Arnold Strongman World Championship (2013)


Alright, this is the first site that really got me serious about lifting and got me into strongman. So I find it fitting to keep a training log here.

Currently training for strongman nationals in the 175lb class

Little background, I am 25, 5'6 and trying to do strongman since beginning of 07

Last year I got pretty strong deadlifting 545, log press 245, etc at a weight of 215lbs

I than injured my upper back tearing my trap and messed something up in my spine which still gives me pain from time to time. Unable to train real heavy it felt stupid being fat and a little out of shape. I started to drop weight and am now at 181lbs, conditioning, athleticism and everything is up just trying to build that max strength back up!

couple of older vids

deadlift 545

strongman comp from april 09

front squat 335

my last contest and first contest at 175


you can check out my last bit of training here if you care.


but here is todays training

7/25/10 Maxes
BW 181

Back squat


Strict Press



440x1 PR at this BW+35lbs


Great to see that you started a log.
Good numbers, it'll be interesting to follow.


Thanks, if you've been somewhere already it is a lot easier to find your way back (I hope)

I checked your log out, you train hard! Keep it up.




295x5 all DOH
335x15 touch and go

3 rounds

225x15 DL
24" box jumpx20


shit was hard son!

Forearms and hands tore up and sore from all the DL's and pull ups



Overhead Press


60 push ups (lift hand at bottom)
60 sit ups
60 bw squats




Front squat


OH Squat

115 3x5

Snatch 115 3x3

might go for a run this afternoon


PM training

Something is up with my the ball of my left foot where it hurts to jog, thought it was better. NOPE (AKA any excuse not to jog)


Power Snatch 115 30 times in 3.32 seconds

Schwinn Airdyne for 15 minutes


7/31/10 Bench and 400s

Flat Bench

175x12 est 1rm 245

some kettleball 1 arm clean and jerk

1 arm circus doombell 125lbs for 3 singles

some ring rows

3 rounds

400m than 20 burpees

around 10 minutes

I seriously was running 2 minute 400s haha I am slow! Well I guess that shouldn't be surprising when I have never jogged in my life.


I'm glad you started a log. How did you go about losing all that weight?


Glad someone enjoys it. As soon as I get all my strongman equipment to my new house this week heavier training will start in order to try to be strong enough for nationals.

How did I lose the weight.......

I was really force feeding myself thinking I could weigh 220lbs to be a competitive strongman in the 231 class. I really don't have the frame for that size so basically just eating less I lost 15lbs pretty quick. Than just being a little more strict on the diet (limited carbs to AM only) and eating less adding in more conditioning work, prowler, hill sprints, circuits I lost some more.

After my last comp I was just so beat up I did the crossfit work outs of the main page just to try something different.

Right now I am eating Paleo style (but I include protein powder) My weight has stayed the same but I have leaned out and my muscles seem a lot more full with all the fruit I am eating.



Farmers walk

190x100ftx2 runs

Didn't resort to false grip very happy with this! Grip IS getting better

3 rounds
135 squat clean thruster 5 reps
10 pullups chest touches bar

round 1 1.35
round 2 410
round 3 8.00

the squat clean into thrusters (basically straight from a front squat into a overhead press) where easy I actually got better at them in round three as I think this is the 2nd time I've done thrusters and last time was with 95lbs. Problem with me is I still suck at pull ups, but I am better at them than I have ever beenand they are continuing to improve, just still a weakness.


I have a highland games this weekend so I was deloading tonight but damn my deadlifts felt right!

So I went

belt on
455x1 PR+15

and a 2.5xbw pull


Did a Highland games on Saturday. It went OK despite not training the throws about half my throws where down and about half up from last year


Did a Highland games on Saturday. It went OK despite not training the throws about half my throws where down and about half up from last year. All and all it was fun and being 20 minutes from my house I would have regretted not doing it. There is another highland games in October and it might have a 190lb class which I think i can do very well in. So I will be throwing 2-3 times a month to kill that. Also starting this week my training will be 100& geared towards strongman as I got to step it up to be able to compete at nationals.


You've leaned out a ton, nice work brother!


Thanks Mr Modi, Now I still am not as lean as I would like to be nor as big as big


Well look who it is. It's been a while. Lifts are looking pretty good and it appears you've dropped a couple pounds.


how you been? Any comps lately?

Yeah had nothing else to do while injured! Now to build the strength back up at this weight.


I haven't competed since last November. I got really beat up from training and took some time off from lifting for about 6 weeks earlier this year. I have been learning the olympic lifts for the past couple of months at a training facility, but with my wife due to give birth in the next few weeks I'm going to have to forego that luxury. I'm going to keep the quick lifts in my training, but put my focus back on powerlifting. As for the next competition, probably next year given the priorities that go along with fatherhood.