Training First Thing in the Morning Before Eating?

Hey CT and others !

What’s your tought about training first thing in the morning before eating ? Did you guys see benefits from it on the long term run ?

I tried it 3 times with 10g of tyrosine and i feel pretty good ! My mood is good and i think my libido is better too !

If it works for you, then it works for you.

Yeaah I never tried I eat something even if I have to go the gym right after

I train very early and I try to eat a small meal before but sometimes time doesn’t allow. Honestly I never felt my performance declined training fasted. This morning I trained faster performed deadlifts and accessories and was no issue. I think max effort days may be a different situation though. If you are competing or testing maxes I doubt faster training would be optimal.

I train fasted except for leg day, then it’s eggs and oatmeal beforehand. I work late and eat late so my glycogen stores are usually full in the morning.

My gym that I joined for cardio/backup is a block away from where I work, so I’m thinking of doing some speed/agility drills before work, and then running in to shower and eat at the office.

But I personally couldn’t imagine not eating before a lifting session. I usually weight train in the evening and down a bowl of pasta or instant ramen beforehand.

I almost always train before eating. I work for about 3 hours starting at 3:30am-4am, then train (without having eaten) before going to my other job, or in other years, school. I eat slightly later in the morning. 10am-ish. Might not be the best approach but it’s possible.