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Training Fight CLub Style

Sup T-friends. Lately I’vee been on a rampant online search for the weight trianing routines of some of these UFC and mixed martial arts fighters. If you’ve witnessed some of these fights, you’ll notice that many of the fighters are chiseled out. I used to train in Jeet Kune Do, Thai kickboxing, Kali, and my fav, Gracie JJ. If anyone has any info or links about these guys (the more ripped ones) throw 'em up here. Mike Mahler, I expect your T-ass to post on this one. Thanks. Lata.

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I don’t know what kind of training they do but a lot of them use gear. For instance: Mark Coleman, Vitor Belfort (whose build I love and would love to look like), I’m blanking on that other kick ass wrestlers name Kerr maybe?. For the wrestlers like Coleman and the guy I can’t remember they were like 250 or so and like 6% body fat. None of them were near that big when they competed in wrestling, because they were obviously tested for roids. Vitor, I believe admited to using roids when he got up to 230 or so, he said he got off them when he got down to 198 or so because it slowed him down. But he was ripped more than ever then. He has especially when bigger the build I strive for. Fucking pretty big, not huge, and ripped. BTW, I used to do JKD and thai boxing too.


Alot of them are on roids. The others don’t like to talk at all about they’re training. I think they don’t want their competition to find out. I listen to Eddie Goldman on eyada all the time and none of the fighters have given specifics on training or supplements. They all say that they just do some cardio, lifting, take a multi and some myoplex. Yeah my ass. Those guys are looking for any edge they can get. Tito Ortiz kept telling Eddie all he takes is a multi and protein after being asked multiple times, but I do recall seeing Tito wearing a Testosterone T-shirt. Hmmm that’s funny. I bet anything he’s got some Biotest supps. and is trying some of the T-mag routines. Hell I don’t blame any of them for their secrecy, I wouldn’t tell anyone what I was on if I was any type of pro fighter. As far as excercise, just look at Charles Stayley’s stuff. There’s also the warrior training article on T-mag. You can also look at wrestling workouts… they’re usually not as paranoid about sharing their training ideas. There are also plenty of good fighters that aren’t ripped, like Sakuraba. Being ripped for many of these guys has more to do with genes, cause their all doing tons of lifting, sparring etc. and some get ripped while others don’t.

Steve-Yeah, it was Mark Kerr. You’re definately right about the other two as well.

MB Eric-I think Convergent Phase Training is a great workout style for martial arts. It’ll get your strong in the core stuff while upper your anaerobic endurance