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Training Fasted First Thing in The Morning


Started feeling really sick by lifting around 5:30 a.m. and choking down breakfast at 4:30 a.m. However, today I went in as soon as I woke up, warmed up, and lifted. Felt great no sickness a nice sweat, and pushed hard even while dieting.

Is there any big drawback to doing weight training fasted? I've heard BCAA's can be used before fasted training to really give it a boost anyone have any expercience with this?


I have been working out in the morning for the last couple of weeks only taking in some BCAA pre workout ( I also take a small amount of caffeine, B vitamin, and 1 gram of L-tyrosine ) using a upper lower split 4 times a week and things have gone smother than I thought they would. I do notice that I get a little light headed faster after my heaviest sets though.

I hate working out in the morning in all honesty but the BCAA have helped big time for me, cant wait till next month when I will be back to a normal work schedule.


Last couple months, as in times before, I've been hitting the gym at 5 am, waking up at 4:30 am. I just throw down a cereal bar, or FINiBAR when I have them, and if my stomach is feeling good, a small protein shake, and pre-workout drink. Nothing too heavy or big.


I have friends who are pretty damn jacked that train fasted. DOH crazy on this website is one of them, or at least he has. BCAAs during the workout are cool.


BCAAs before/during the workout and you should be alright.


I really like 20g of whey when I have to do the same thing.


Yeh.. FINiBARs are great to have something solid in your stomach. If you can't afford that, go with the original Powerbars. And then down it with some Surge Recovery-type drink, or BCAA's/creatine in Gatorade. Something like that.


Are you still making progress besides getting light headed?

Good advice everyone thanks. Can't take Surge or drink gatorade because I'm doing AD but Metabolic Drive Lo-Carb is a god send.


I prefer to train on an empty stomach, food wise, in the AM. I do have my peri wo drink of BCAA's and other aminos. I do need my calories post wo because the leucine mixed with no calories and high intensity training makes my blood sugar crash if I'm not careful, which is okay with me. It makes me really hungry post work out.

I feel I have more energy training on an empty stomach.


as long as your poundages arent dropping i dont see anything wrong with that.

from you avi, youre obviously a competitor and you said you're dieting.

catabolism could be a problem if you're at pretty low BF levels... are you?


I am on a recomp with a lean towards fat loss right now and I have not lost any strength on any lifts since starting the fasted workouts.

I only get light headed on heavy squats and deads, and while it is more so than normal I simply take a little longer between sets to compensate.

For me the BCAA have helped big time, but that is just me you will need to try it yourself to see how it works for you.

Hope that helps, good luck.


Am having to do training first thing at the moment.

Have been doing isolate+malto+caffein, which has me feeling more than a little sick during my workout - an hour after the above. Not optimal for me, but assume/hope it will get easier over time.


I honestly believe that training completly fasted has many drawbacks. You will probably be able to somehow keep your mass and even to make some shy progress when you add som BCAAs. But it's certainly not the best way for optimal results.

Proper peri-workout nutrition is so imprortant for optimal progress. Personally I would suggest spiking insulin pre-workout, since insulin response after training will be limited anyway because of the raised catecholamine levels.

I work out first thing in the morning, too. So my peri-workout nutrition is basically my first meal of the day. I jump out of bed and have a serving of PowerDrive and a Spike pill.
On my way to the gym I have 2 Finibars which - to me - is the best supplement in the Biotest line. I start sipping on Surge Workout Fuel on my way to the gym, too. 15 Minutes or so before the workout.
I mix some creatine and some BCAA into my SWF.
After the workout I have 2 servings of Grow!

My progress really, really accelerated when I started to really focus on my peri-workout nutrition.


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While we are on the subject, i love fasting until i train then drinking a quart of chocolate milk. I get a great pump and the workout is awesome. Basically just fast acting carbs pre workout.

This is magnified if your last meal before bed is carb free. Increased insulin sensitivity is a beautiful thing.


ParagonA and BBB,
How long do catecholamine levels remain elevated and how much do they affect the insulin response? Or, in more practical terms, how long after the workout is it the most productive to have carbs again? For example, here is how I eat for the first part of the day:

1) Within 30min-1h of waking up 25g whey + tea, cinnamon, Ricore (I'll also add 5g leucine to this sometime next week)

2) 2-2.5h after waking up I start training. I mix 2 scoops SWF, 2 Anaconda and 1 MAG-10 for that. I drink about a quarter of it 15 minutes before I start lifting, finish it pretty much at the same time as my last set. I'll occasionally have a Finibar 30 minutes before training

3) 45 minutes after the end of the workout 50g whey + 30g carbs (equal parts WMS, palatinose, dextrose)

4) 90 minutes after the end of the workout solid meal, roughly 60g protein, 90g carbs (I'll also add 5g leucine to this sometime next week)

I only have trace carbs for the remainder of the day.

I'd appreciate any comments on the possible rearrangement of this as an example of improving carb distribution :wink:



Do it as long as you aren't losing strength


I fixed that for ya Ct.


LOL, I appreciate it. I don't know what came over me.


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