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Training Fasted and Inflammation

Good morning gentlemen, In fact this is not a question but some sort of thoughts and open discussion regarding to nutrition and training.

A short intro: I’ve been in the world of lifting for around 2 years, not advanced lifter but hard worker. During the period of dieting down; I used to train on empty stomach. This was because of food restrictions and time restrictions. Also I was idiot and thought that doing weight training on empty stomach then have my main meal will benefit the muscles as much as possible. I used to experience huge DOMS and muscle inflammation after tough workouts like squat sessions, especially if I had a big meal after the session. I thought that is normal and an indicator to good workout.

However; after been introduced to t-nation and some discussions with members here; I’ve changed my thoughts and began to eat a balanced meal then do the workout. Now everything changed; DOMS and muscle inflammation reduced too much. I felt better all over the day and more energetic. I’m not talking here about fat loss or weight loss, it is only strength/muscle gains.

Anyway, it is Ramadan (our fasting month), and since time is limited in Ramadan after breaking our fast; I tried to do my workouts last hour before breaking the fast. here are what happened:

  1. DOMS returned back and I’m very sore, more than before
  2. I’m always hungry, more than anytime
  3. Whenever I introduce a big meal (not cheat meal) after hard workout done fasted, I experience huge muscle inflammation even my macros are same for day total.

For example I did deadlift session (5/3/1 5s week) yesterday fasted then broke my fasting by a good meal of grilled duck breast, steamed rice, salad, steamed potato and eggplant. The meal was around 900 kcal. One hour later I ingested around 15 dates as a treat. Next meal was 5 hours later and consists of 3 boiled eggs mixed with 100g of cottage cheese and shredded lettuce and a cup of low fat yogurt. Then I started my fasting again. As you notice day total is not that huge, but tends to be under eating.

Today I experience huge DOMS and inflammation in my lower body, thighs are jammed into my jeans and belly is bloated. All of my joints are very stiff, and glutes are screaming. Although the deadlift session wasn’t taken to extremes. I had much more intense sessions before.

What are your experience regarding to meal timing and its relation to muscle inflammation and DOMS? also what do you do to recover from the inflammation?

Sorry for the long post!!

Inflammation can be controlled and managed very well by just making sure you are getting in the healthy fats you need as well as making sure your diet involves lots of green veggies or high alkaline foods. Start by grabing a DHA EPA blend from your local supplement shop I like Flora Brand UDOS OIL has the perfect balance of omega 3,6, and 9’s… Next start taking a superfood supplement or just eating a lot more greens, you can make green shakes with kale spinach swiss char ect … I like spirulina as a superfood as there have been multiple studies that show spirulina to help alkalize your blood. the less acidic you blood is the less inflammation you will have.

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