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Training Experiment (Fast as Possible)

currently overseas in the sandbox. i got really out of shape over leave and probably gained 15lbs in 2 weeks then came over here and came up with a few programs… high volume supersets, speed-power, intense circuits for cardio… i hate running and wont do it unless i have too… the circuits have been working well though… a couple weeks after i started the I, bodybuilder program came out and i subbed that into my routine to the speed-power workouts…i took pics every week to monitor my progress along with a training log…

i cut my bf% and gained some serious strength and better definition in just under a month.
here’s what I did…
i used arnolds advances superset routine 5 exercises per pro and antagonist muscles…5 sets of 6-10 reps. i did this 3 times a day, everyday… chest/back/ shoulders for the first workout. tri’s, bi’s, and abs for the second, and legs for the last workout. i did this to burn calories and swell my muscles to what they used to be.

strenght and speed…

the second week - my first workout would be speed, strenght, strength endurance…

speed- power band attached to bottom of power rack to barbell for bent rows 3x5 fast as possible.

deadlifts- sets of 5 increasing weight each time till you only get 3

shrugs- use weight you stopped with on deadlift and 3 sets till your grip gives.

pullups- everygrip to failure resting only 5-10sec between changing grips

CHEST- power band presses with barbell 3x5 every grip fast as possible

bench press- sets of 5 increasing weight till you cant get 3.

push ups- this is a killer… 1 set of each till failure…
feet elevated pushups
regular pushups moving to wide just to get a few more out
push ups from knees
with a partner holding a towel or belt around your rib cage continue to do pushups till he cant pull you up anymore… i cant even explain this pump…

body weight jump squats- 3x5 fast and high as possible

one legged body squats- sets of 5 till you cant do 3

over head barbell squats- (very deep) use a weight you can do 10-12 dont stop till you do 20

i did that for my first workout till the I, bodybuilder came out then i used that. i will put the rest of what i did on here when i have more time.


more progress

i got the best results on my back from this but i think its because i have really been hammering the i, bodybuilder back phase.