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Training Everyone Should be Doing?

There are many routines on this site that alot of people jump on, but shouldn’t the primary focus of one’s routine consist of assessing your weaknesses in certain exercises and rectifying them?

Isn’t this ideal for both strength and muscle gains for beginners and advanced trainers?

This process would also never become stale as new weaknesses are found.

Thoughts, opinions?

Beginners don’t really have weakness, they first need to strengthen their whole body. As for advanced lifters, yess they should center their work around their weaknesses.

I disagree. Cookie-cutter routines are not suitable for most individuals. Everyone has areas that they need to work on, and it’s their job or their coach’s job to integrate the correct exercises based on the athlete’s need.

Also, I think beginners are some of the worst, because they usually possess a host of imbalances or problems from playing other sports and training incorrectly (bench and curls routines).

They may have terrible balance, flexibility (especially deep tissue), bad ankle strength/stability (pronation), poor coordination, horrible core strength/stability, bad movement patterns, overly dominant sides, tons of compensations, no back and leg developement, and just tons of stuff an experienced strength coach (not me) could tell you about.