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Hi Christian,

First off, I just want to thank you for writing the Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters article. I’ve been running it for a month now and I feel great.

There’s a pretty big guy at my gym and we talked about how he trains every muscle every day (1 exercise per body part, 1-2 sets each). Just wanted to know (keeping everything including diet and psychology constant), does this actually work/make sense or is he simply growing “in-spite of” instead of “because of”.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!

interested in this too

It works. maybe not at that amount of volume but it works. At the moment I’m travelling a lot because of seminars and I’m training everything everyday to some extent. I normally do one heavy lift for the workout and then do one superset of 2 exercises for:


And I normally do each superset for 3 sets

And once in a while I throw in arms in the mix

It works well. I find it less taxing than a workout where I brutalize one lift or one or two body parts and it does seem to work at improving muscle mass. But more importantly my overall muscle tone is better I’m never flat.

I’m not saying that it’s more effective than more traditional programs. But it does work if you don’t overdo it.


Thanks for answering my question, Christian! Perhaps a new article on this soon? Haha

Just another question, what does your frequency of training look like?

I believe the guy from my gym trains everyday, which was his reason for keeping it 1-2 sets per exercise.

In his reply, CT states " i’m training everything every day to some extent"

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