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Training Every Day

Has anyone ever tried training the whole body EVERY DAY? I was thinking that after coming off a long keto diet and taking androsol and tribex that your body might respond to all those carbs and calories etc by just fucking blowing up. Maybe do the same lifts every day (six sets of six with 1 minute rest) for the whole body and taking days off when your output drops by 50% (3 sets of 6) and then resting say 2 days for every day you lifted. It would be kind of like doing heavy manual labor BUT when output drops you rest until you are recuperated. I would think if your taking high calories great supplements and resting the correct ammount of time your body should respond? any thoughts on this “cycle”?

I haven’t heard of a quicker way to overtrain since Weider unleashed his quadruple training split principle.

Yeah, I realize that it could lead to overtraining very easily but I seem to remember reading about lifting like this before a vacation. I also recall that poliquin will do this for leg workouts once in a while. I was just thinking this because after say three months of body opus and then going back to a bulking style training i get big so much quicker and my recovery periods are very fast. Also, i know some drywallers who lift ridiculous ammounts of weight every day and are absolutely fucking huge! Another example, back in 1990 this dude went to prison for selling coke and when he got out in 95 he was a fucking monster! He lifted every single day and lived on prison food. I realize that everybody is different but there must be some way that everyone could do this and get some results if done correctly. I would think that ten days rest in between would be more than enough to prevent overtraining. Not to mention i would be on androsol and tribex and taking in a lot of calories. Obviosly this is not the way to go forever but I’m going to try it anyway for a 12 week period after body opus and see what happens.