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Training Every Day (4 Day Split)



Any1 who train/have trained 7 days a week? Thought of doing a 4day split like:


You think this routine will be fine without having an off day? or should I do 4 on 1 off…

Would you recommend any changes to this 4 day split? or do you have a better split for a guy that want to train most of the days in the week


Seriously, not enough info for anyone to even consider giving a slight way educated opinion. And Training for what?


Yeh sorry…

Training for mass

Im 22 180cm 75kg around 15% BF

Looking for a new program…started with a fullbody 3x a week, went into a upper/lower 5 times a week, but im interested in a new program hopefully a 7days a week


how long have you been lifting?

Why? i assume you believe that it will increase your progression?


no not at all…i know more isnt always better…but I like training and it gives me a mental break which is why I would like to do it every day;)


Yeah take one whole day off weights a week minimum, even Ronnie Coleman did not train 7days a week (trained 6 on, one off).

Anyway this works well…


Yup, in the past I’ve trained with zero rest days (if I remember correctly I did: chest + delts + triceps, legs, back then biceps & cardio then repeat). It can definitely work, especially if one of your training days is relatively easy, ie just arms or abs and cardio etc. Try it & see…it’s really the only way you’ll know for sure.


thx guys! nice to get some help.