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Training Every 72 Hours


Has anyone had any good results training each muscle group every 72 hours?


Have you? Try it and find out. Anything can be made to work, but many things are individual.


My split is..

Monday: Back & Shoulders
Tuesday: Chest & Arms
Wednesday: Legs & Abs
Sunday off.

I like it. I took the Layne Norton PHAT routine and cut out the power days and just repeat the hypertrophy days twice a week.


This type of training was HUGE in the 80s, meaning Train 6 days in a row and rest on Sunday, training everything twice in that time frame.

Monday: Legs
Tues: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
Wed: Back Bi
Thursday: Legs
Fri: Chest, Shoulders, Tri's
Sat: Back Bi
Sun: Off

Also, check out the Big Beyond Belief threads here, they have a 6 day rotation like this as well.


Yea i will give it a shot and see how it goes, keep an eye on my recovery!


Is this just a basic push/legs/pull split twice a week? Note that a day off is good once a week which puts lifts 96 hours apart but the earlier part of the week is still 72.


I dunno what exactly you are trying to say but this threads just about working a muscle group every 72 hours. The way you want to group muslces together or the name of the split is up to you. You don't even need to take the 7th day off and just keep repeating over n over its up to you but some people just like to relax sunday :wink:


Just purchased Big Beyond Belief so gunna give the 4 day a shot see how things respond