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[quote]supermick wrote:
Youch wrote:
supermick wrote:
Youch wrote:
I like and respect you…but not that much:)

i bring you money. yes?

seriously if you plan on selling any in the future…

I’ll bear that in mind but unless I have a nasty accident…we all know who the main suspect would be:)

If you’re ever in South London let me know and I’ll let you touch one of my Eleiko plates, I’ll even let you lift my Atlas stone; if you’re anything like your avatar it won’t be a problem for you.

Cheers Chris

You have a lot of kit…

Do you post on any of the UK basewd forums mate?[/quote]

Hi Mick
No I don’t; I hardly manage to keep up to date with this forum.


Hi Chaps,

I may have to sell the Deluxe GHR that I bought from Elitefts about 18months ago just due to space requirements at home.

Its pretty much brand spanking new and it is a great piece of kit as it is so versatile (as you can read on www.elitefts.com) I spoke with Jim Wendler and he said it would be okay to put a note/post on there but if any of you guys are interested, especially as I have gone through the hassle of getting it imported (which was fun as Chris probably knows!).

Like I said I’ll know for sure in the next week or so but PM me if any of you guys are interested.