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Training/Eating to Gain Mass


If adding fat was not an issue, what training/eating plan would you use to pack on as much mass as you could in the shortest possible time ? Just a hypothetical question really. The end result would be to look larger in clothes not ripped in the nak, please don't say, put an extra sweater on. No chemical intervention either.

Take out the usual worries like adding too much podge, and having to take time to do mundane stuff like work.


First ideas I have are incorporating German Volume training, because it works and obtaining all extra calories through liquid meals to avoid fullness before you've had enough calories.

When I say German Volume Training, I mean the 10 sets of 10 reps criteria. IIRC its using a weight that you could ideally do 20 reps with in 1 set, but for 10 sets of 10. From previous experience, this doesn't make a marriage made in heaven until you've performed said workout a few times.


Here's what I'd do (assuming fat gain and health are out the window):

Mix up a gallon jug of lactose-free skim milk with 3 scoops of Low-Carb Grow!. Get a bag of cinnamon raisin bagels and put natural PB between each. And grab 3 bananas.

3 packets instant oats
6 whole eggs with cheese
4 pieces rye toast
1 tbsp flax

2 8oz burgers on 2 bagels
1/4 stack of Pringles potato chips
Bowl of broccoli
1 tbsp flax

Training Session
2 Scoops Surge

Post Workout
1lb spinach pasta
1lb ground turkey meat
1 tbsp olive oil

Between meals, drink the milk and eat the bagels and bananas.

Sound absurd?

Well, you'll get big! I know! When I was 18 I followed something very similar to this. Gained 60lbs in 2 years.

Would I do this again - no way! There are much healthier ways. But this way is dead simple and it packs on mass fast.

Everyone pray for our friend's pancreas and vascular systems.


As far as training, I'd train 4x per week with 1 major compound lift to begin each session and some bodybuilding style hypertrophy work. 1 hour tops.


Could have done with this diet instead of fumbling around drinking 'Crash Weight Gain' and MegaMass 4000 12 years or so ago. Somebody please do this and report back ! They always say sleep as much as you can on these programmes, with that many calories you'd be asleep involuntarily...


Nutritional wise, I had a few ideas, but nothing new, before bed Cottage Cheese with some fats and some fibre. I reckon 1lb of cottage cheese, 2 apples and a tblsn olive oil. Variation, peanut butter sandwhiches on whole grain bread with natural yoghurt.

Here we have something that will 'hang about' longer in the stomach, caseins, fibre and fat. Plus I reckon getting up in the middle of the night to pig out is a good idea. Big bowl of oatmeal with PP and raisins maybe.


would have to adopt a see-food diet making sure I had plenty of complex carbs and protien handy, then would do joel marions training for maximal size.

Actually had an opertunity to do this for a month (no work/no school) a few years ago and gained 10lbs, and I can honestly say it was more muscle then fat.


Hell yeah!