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Training/Eating on the Road

A client of mine travels 4-5 days a week and is looking to lose weight. This person is a picky eater, has piss poor motivation, is perpetually tired from traveling and needs to drop weight. What are your opinions on what to do while in a different city every night?

He is probably staying in nice hotels… tell him to hit up hotel gyms. They are usually pretty crappy, but it is better than nothing. Have him do a short full-body workout. And if there is cardio equipment, even better. As for the diet… eating out all the time isn’t going to be good for him due to the ‘gourmet’ ingredients. Have him do simple things like staying away from cheesy plates and other high calorie options. One trick that I think works wonders is to drink a big glass of water before you eat, leaving less room in the stomach for food.

In addition to the above, he needs to learn how to make healthy choices when eating out and bring his own snack! Protein powders, Grow! bars, raw nuts (almonds), beef jerky, fruit, etc. make great snacks on the road.

However, due to his piss poor motivation and desire to change his habits, he will probably stay a fat ass who constanly complains and makes excuses rather than seeing them as challenges and opportunities.

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I also like to stay at places that have fitness centers - like Hampton Inn. Cardio mostly, but you can do bodyweight exercises too; I keep Ironmind’s cables in my travel bag.

Unless I’m taking clients out, I usually hit grocery stores for travel food and bring along my MRP’s, which are really useful when you’re in a hurry.

I find 30 minutes of working out makes me feel so much better that is a motivator in itself. Plus, most fitness centers have a TV so you can catch up on Sportscenter or something like that at the same time.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:

However, due to his piss poor motivation …[/quote]

…there is no hope.