Training Each Muscle Twice a Week...

From September of 2011 to now, I have made my best gains by following this routine…

Monday- Heavy Squats/Bench
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Shoulders/Deadlifts (DL every other week)
Thursday- Back/Biceps
Friday- Light Squats/Bench/Triceps
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Off

My squat went from 385 to 465. My bench went from 265 to 292, and my deadlift went from 455 to 535. As you can see, I training by squats and bench twice a week. Do you think applying this principle to everything else like Shoulders/Back/Biceps/Triceps would make me stronger? I was thinking of a routine like this.

Day 1- Heavy Squats/Bench
Day 2- Back/Biceps
Day 3- Shoulders/Triceps
Day 4- Off
Day 5- Light Squats/Bench
Day 6- Back/Biceps
Day 7- Shoulders/Triceps
Day 8- Off

So 3 on, 1 off, 3 on. Would this be beneficial or should I just stick with what I was doing?

Do whatever puts pounds on your total.


so in other words, stick with the way I was doing it?

Yes, milk it til the gains stop.

If this is what works for you - keep milking it. Some people like going heavy once a week. Others like training hte competition lifts 3+ a week. If this style is putting lbs on the bar keep milking it and once the gains stop, look around see what others are doing and experiment till you see what’s the next step you need to take.