Training Each Bodypart Less Frequently

Can you clarify something for me.
You seem to be moving toward/advocating a more frequent/lower volume approach to training to maximise gains via regular protein synthesis coupled with lower cortisol.
Hyperthetically lets assume that the optimal frequency for hitting each bodypart is 3x per week. What would be the impact of hitting each bodypart twice per week or once per week with all other parameters per workout (volume , intensity etc) remaining the same. Would such a departure from optimal frequency merely result in a loss of potential growth opportunities, and therefore a slower growth rate, or would you actually regress during the extended rest period between workouts.

Thanks for your time.

I’ve always been more about frequency. Some people can do more volume than others. I’m not a one-system kinda guy. I use the approach that best fits the client profile.

But I do believe that everybody needs to hit a muscle at least twice per week to get maximum growth.

So with a properly adjusted workout, one could very well reach optimal growth hitting each muscle twice per week.

With once per week I feel that only those who are genetically superior when it comes to responding to training can progress at a decent rate once past the beginner stage. I think if that one session for a muscle is demanding enough you can still get a small amount of progress though.

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Thanks for this Christian. Appreciated.