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Training during Rehab

As I have posted before, I am going to be getting my shoulder scoped in mid August(torn labrum). I have been thinking about how I will handle training during rehab. Obviously, my right shoulder will be shot for some period of time (either completely useless or unable to move much weight). I was curious about what some of you thought about continuing with unilateral training on my left side. I figure that it will cause an imbalance, but that is going to happen either way. I just don’t want to forgo all upper body training for however long it takes. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Maverick, I think unilateral training and shoulder rehab have been discussed here on the forum before. Try doing a search on T-Forums, individual words and combos, both.

Good luck to you!!!

Thanks Terry!

Maverick, in addition, it would be a good idea to super-charge your nutritional regimen for one week prior and two weeks post-procedure.

Things that would be helpful are:

  1. A good multi-vitamin (no one-a-day stuff). You need to make sure your body it has everything it needs to make repairs.

  2. Wobenzyme, a proteolytic enzyme that will help with protein turnover and repair.

  3. Increased doses (above RDA and above ODA) of Vitamins C and E. They’re antioxidants and will quench free radicals caused by surgery. Additionally, Vitamin C is an essential component of collagen synthesis.

  4. Alpha lipoic acid to regenerate Vitamins C & E above.

  5. MSM, which is a type of highly bioavailable sulfur, the eighth most common substance in the body and a very important component of connective tissue and cartilage. It will also help with pain.