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Training During Cycle


Well I started my cycle almost three weeks ago.

200 mg deca per week
400 mg test cyp per week

I am definetly seeing results. Muscle fullnes, have gained 6 lbs already, hell my squat has already gone up 30 lbs. But I would like to ask some vets on this board that have experience with training on gear.

I have been reading up and some people suggest to work each body part twice a week while on gear since recuperation time is much faster, and I can already tell that is true. I have also read to still only train once a week to allow for total healing of muscles. I know people have different experiences and views on this topic, so could I please get some experienced feedback.


well I personally am not a seasoned vet like some of these guys on here but I have done many cycles myself and have tried many things. just throwing in my 2 cents here.....

I have tried training each body part twice a week and also once a week while on AAS. I personally found that training once a week was more beneficial to me in the long run. However, I also found that training the smaller muscles of the body (since they recover faster) was also more beneficial to me. Such as calves, bis, etc. etc. etc. Hope that helps some. good luck


It's up to you. I'm not sure what you mean by working every "body part". Personally, I work major muscle groups twice a week regardless of what I'm taking; my workout regimen is tailored to my individual recovery characteristics. Yours should be too. If your supplementation enhances your recovery, then why not adapt your workouts to take advantage of that?


Also my 2 cents...

I am a personal trainer and the way I was taught was for substantial muscle growth you need to work each muscle group twice a week.

But if you have ever payed attention to the professional bodybuilders workout plans you would see that they only work each muscle group once a week but they totally destroy that muscle group when they work it. Also they somtimes work one muscle group twice a week and alternate each group each week.

I also agree with johnny on the small muscle group statement.

Ultimatly I feel that if its not sore than you can work it out.



thanx for the info bros. I think I'll give some extra training a shot.


Agree with Johnny. It IS up to you. I am in the same boat with Johnny, not a seasoned vet either, but have done my share of gear.
For me personally, if I do shoulders on Monday, by the time I work all bodyparts and get to the shoulders for the 2nd time, I am still a little off. It also depends on your workout schedule in relation to other guys. People that say work every body part twice a week may have a different workout that is wider in terms of days. Everyone is different, using different gear, at different mgs per cc. To many variables, you just need to test it yourself. Hope I helped and best of luck.


Just eat like a savage beast, but I'm sure you got that covered :wink: