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Training During Basketball Season

Hey guys!

I’m a 5-11 basektball guard in Austria and right now our season is just about to start! I’ve been visiting the weights a lot the last 4 months! My stats:

78 kg
5-11 tall
14 % bodyfat

My concerns right now are what should I be doing for my upper body during my basketball season! I’ve been training with low reps previously and had great success, correlating to size and strenght gains, however, right now I’d prefer to actually not gain more muscles nor get stronger cause I’m afraid of messing with my shot which should get better!

So my goals for the season:

neither Hypertrophy nor Atrophy
no strenght gains nor strength losses
better endurance
increase capilarisation
lean out

could someone advise me how many reps I should be doing on my upper body plus what kind of exercise choices I should make (multi joint/single joint). I think I can get the rest such as rest times by my self but I’m not sure with the number of reps, and what kind of split either!

I’d appreciate any help!!!

Thank you a lot

whoooop, to all bb playaz out there!!!