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Training down

I am trying to train down to about 210-215 from 230. Any suggestions?

Hmmm, pretty vague question for the forum to say the least! Have you done any homework at all?? It would help if you gave more stats and info before you asked this question. Stuff like %BF, what is your diet like, and what is your training routine like?? In any case, if you are looking to lose 15-20 lbs…I would concentrate on a high volume routine like GVT, OVT, maybe EDT for fat loss. Also, do some searcing on the forum on all the diets they suggest. T-Dawg 2.0, Don’t Diet might be something to look into. Also, read anything from John Berardi that you can. Some of my personal favs are Lean Eatin Parts I and II and The Winning Formula. Also, I dont remember who wrote it…but Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid is another good one to read. Hope that helps.

Good God, man! If you’re going to use a forum handle like “deca10xbetter,” at least act like you know what the hell you’re talking about. That’s two of these posts in less than a week. We’re all glad to help, but you’ve got to meet us halfway.

go to healthetech.com, get your rmr tested, add in activity (daily & exercise) keep a food log, exercise, eat 500-750cals under metabolic rate & you will slowly, steadily lose.

I suggest reading every article in every past issue before posting a question like that.

Dude, is this question for real? You could probably get help reading just about ANY previous issue here at t-mag. Start reading, learn, apply. The results will come if you approach things in a “smart” manner.
Don’t be turned off by the upcoming flames but instead take the advice.