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Training Differences?


Is there a difference in the way you train to obtain a menshealth model physique as opposed to an Arnold physique? If there is what way should I traing to get the body type of Menshealth model.

Quick Stats:
age 16
height 5'11
weight 158
bf% 7.8-8 (7 site caliper test)


Yeah if you're training for the model look just practise admiring yourself in the mirror for 3 sets of 10 minutes 2-3 times per week. That should get you good enough results.

But seriously from your stats it seems like all you would want to do is put an a little muscle since you have fairly low bodyfat. So maybe just try something like TBT aswell as eating more to gain some muscle mass.


Brace yourself for the flaming that is going to come rushing in when the rest of the members read it.


I really dont care if they flame. Most of the people who flame people for wanting to look good are fat. Look at some of the top flamers pictures.


Well first you'll have to start taking some top quality eostrogen... just inject it straight into your nads.

Just kidding. No there's no difference in the way you train, you still need to get the mass on you in the first place. Once you get there, then you can work on small, lacking areas of your physique and change reps ranges to either very low or high to minimise further hypertrophy. Genetics have a lot to do with it obviously, they'll control how and where you put the mass on.

The biggest issue I think you'll have is keeping the abs on. The best bet is to say goodbye to them for a few years, put on 60pnds or so, and then slowly strip the fat away to reveal them again. If you can't say goodbye to your abs, at least for a little while you will probably never say hello to an impressive physique.


Is there a difference between being lazy and asking questions as opposed to maybe reading the free material on this site for at least a couple hours before posting?


I will just say that most of the ppl wanting top look like those guys (cover models) dont realizes thats its more than just getting damn lean. No most of those guys took a LOT of time BEFORE getting lean to build a nice base of muscle more than say 80% of the average world.

You need to get a nice base Years of Under the iron and then maybe cut to look like them and bust ass to try and keep all that muscle while going thorugh bouts of starvation for the next upcoming Photo shoot. They put well all their time into it. its their job can you commit that time?? Same can be said for an Arnold Physique different side of the same coin.


The difference would be the amount of food that is eaten.
Also I used my ESP to determine that there is no way you are anywhere near the body fat stat you posted, otherwise you would already have the body of a menshealth model and would not have to be asking about how to achieve that look.
Now go eat a sandwich.


This is a very common question I hear with people new to training.

They say most training isnt for them as its for body builders and they just want to look like so-and-so

The thing is a specific training method isnt specific to the big picture. By this I mean their is training specific to strength/hypertrophy/fat loss but NOT body builder/fitness model/couch potatoe.

Look at your end goal and then figure out what you need to do to achieve that. For either Fitness model or body builder your going to need to add a significant amount of muscle mass and get lean. Its the same goal just taken to different levels. So find a training program that is going to help you achieve your specific goal and go after it... the big picture only determines to what extreme you have to take each goal.


To quote Professor X:

"I am still waiting to run into the person who was really skinny and accidentally fell into a gym one day and got huge by mistake."

That's a damn good quote if you ask me.


Just because I have a low body fat % doesnt mean I have much size. I'm lean but they still probably have a lean 30 pounds or so on me.


I know that its very difficult to put on muscle. All I asked was were there any training differences.


Most of those guys are no where near 188 pounds (30 more than you). That was more than competion weight For Frank Zane.

I would say most of them are in the 170 range.

As for your original question, I read that they do a lot of energy system work
such as running stairs.

Don't worry, if you don't want to get huge, you won't.