Training Differences Men vs Women

You do realize it’s not that clear cut right? Have you not read anything in this thread?

Hi, I found this video last week here on this site. It’s funny to read and it would be funny when it would happened in a gym and other people could see it. BTW I don’t go to the gym to gawk other people but of course I watch attravtive girls/women. some have a beautiful figure you think what are they doing here? They don’t need it but they got that figure I guess by training.

O, sorry a mistake it’s only an article.

Hi, I also read in the answer about negatives; what are negatives? Are they not good performed reps? And can a women with more or less the same muscle mass beat a man in arm wrestling. Did you ever see that?

The eccentric portion of a lift. Or the loweringmpart. Negatives are done typically using a slow tempo on the lowering portion.

It’s possible

I’m not such a technical guy but I understand eccentric is when the weights are at the lower point during the exercise?

I’m always curious; did you ever see a woman/girl in the gym who exercised together with a boy/man and that she outperformed him with reps and/or sets?

Thanks that you want to answer all my questions and you have quite an odd avatar, I must say.

You have quite odd questions.


Why, I want to know more.

It’s of myself? I’m smiling? I fashioned my hair into Mickey Mouse ears? At least I have the balls to have an avatar of myself. How’s about you put up yours?

Explain how my avatar is “odd”.

I’m also starting to suspect that whoever you are, you’re borderline just fucking around.


O, it looks a little bit like a cartoon but you explained it with the Mickey Mouse ears and my biggest hobby is to collect and read comics and other books.

I’m a normal guy who only has maybe strange questions for some people. Very often I don’t get answers to those questions or maybe not satisfying enough.

So as I mentioned before I start in a short time again with cardio and power training so as we call it here. Very normal like a lot of other people. So I don’t want to be a weight lifter.