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I need help in gaing muscle /leam muscle size and strength. I have been following a high intensity routine namely from the AST website Skip La Cours and Jeff Willets. I involves doing low set wkouts for bb and 4-6 reps to failure all the time and training 5x a wk. I have been eatin 400 gms pro a day w/ 280-290carbs . I weigh around 205ish pretty lean. I have been doing this for 1.5 to 2yrs now. They say that its the best routine to do all the time. Please someone give me a routine or a 12 wk cycle to help me gain . My goal is to be 225 lean. I have been thinking of doing the Berardi methods on eating.

Good for you! Great gains! You have built a very solid base with those lower reps 4-6, now it is time to fill the muscles with energy substraights using higher reps 6-10. Most of the size you see in body builders comes from the increased amount of these energy reserves in their muscle. The results you see from creatine loading are an example to this. So cycle your reps higher for a while, watch your diet and see the results. Best of luck.