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Training & Diet Software


I'm looking to update my current software that is 5 years old. Anyone got any good software experiences to share?


What is your current software package?


I've always been a big fan of the Crosstrainer software as far as tracking my diet.


There's also a Palm plugin that you can use to sync between your Palm or Treo (if you have one) and your PC.

You can track your exercise with the software, too, but I've never really bothered with that aspect of the software.

You can use it free for 30 days, so give it a shot and see if you like it.


I use Fitday to macro and Excel to record, it's pretty huge.



Open source, free, and works great for me. I find it easy to use, and it tracks diet macros and micros and you can set the targets it uses bar graphs as well as percentages to tell you how close you are which makes it easy to process the information. You can enter weight, resting heart rate, and blood pressure and get charts for over time.

I especially find the reports function useful, as you can set a time span (e.g. this past week) and it will give you your macro and micro averages, which is nice if you overeat a little sometimes and under eat a little sometimes and you want to know how it adds up to adjust your diet accordingly.


Interesting SW, very fast and responsive, but it is not ready to kick out fitday from my pc yet. Thanks for the link, got to look into it from time to time. And it's free.


just dl'ed. awesome, thanks!


Iron Trainer 2