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Training/Diet + Flax vs. Safflower

I’ve recently started keeping a training journal and food log, and I’m meeting all my protein and caloric requirements, but I’ve keeping my fat intake low. Basically my Day Totals look something like this:
2300 cals, 18g F, 281g C, 224g P
Spread evenly 6 times throughout the day, with the last meal compromising of a scoop of Protein Powder and some Amino Fuel before bed.
I also take a 140, 0, 34, 0, 5.25g Creatine product (oh hell Phosphagen HP before workout, and after workout with my MRP)
I weigh about 185 lbs, 5’11" and my training split consists of
Legs/Abs/Lower Back
Rinse, Repeat.
(I throw Abs in on Cardio Days as well)
My main goal is to cut up, (in essence lose 10 lbs so my face can thin out for headshots, and my portfolio) but I would like to add some muscle. Hence why I’m keeping the diet low fat. I’m cycling T2-Pro (8 hour intervals, 3x day) MD6 (7am, 3pm) and Methoxy 7 (7am, 7pm). And I’m just starting out, so I can’t tell you any results yet, but yesterday I felt great at the gym, and never really hungry (except last night when I woke up at 3:30 and reluctantly banished the hunger demons).

In two weeks, I’m going to start on the Mag-10 cycle, hopefully if the 10lbs are gone, but I was wondering if I’m on the right track, if my supplementation was on par, and my diet was good. My training usually takes place after the second dose of MD6 but might move to the morning.
I know this may seem drawn out, but I wanted to be as precise as possible to get the best advice. My jobs (Modeling, Knight at MT) require me to be strong and lean although if I can get through those 10lbs just for the upcoming shoot, I can bulk up afterwards. Any help I’d greatly appreciate it.
Also, I can’t seem to find Flax Oil anywhere, but Safflower Oil seems alright. And should I add one of these to my diet, and what’s the difference between the two.
Thanks again.

When not on androgens, most recommend at least 20% of calories (and some say 30%) be from fat. 20% of 2300 cals would be 50g fat. 18g fat isn’t enough. You’ll have an easier time cutting up by bumping fat up to at least 50 if not 75 grams and decrease carbs to <200g. In fact, I finished a cutting cycle 6 wks ago, cutting to 6.5% by keeping carbs <100g/day. When ready to bulk on Mag-10, then drop fat to 10% calories and bump up carbs. Fat is really beneficial to cutting and carbs are detrimental to cutting, just remember to stay in caloric deficit. Flax oil is for the beneficial Omega-3 fats. Safflower is mainly Omega-6, which we get to much of already. Don’t use the safflower. Even Olive oil would be much better than safflower but you need to use flax to get the beneficial Omega-3. You can buy flax at just about any supplement/nutrition/vitamin web site.