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Training/Diet Before Vacations

I am planning to go on vacation next 6th December, so I am wondering how to eat and train in the last one or two weeks before that.

Right now I am training following the War room strategies for fat loss by CT (instead of the lactic sessions, I put the Metabolic pairings by Ct too) and dieting down low carbs every day (less than 50g), except two cheat meals on Tuesday and Saturday to carb-up.
Fortunately I am getting pretty lean and vascular than never before ; )

So, I am asking how would you train one or two weeks prior to vacation…I think the way to go is up the intensity and/or volume (to supercompensate for the week off). But I am not sure to continue with 2 strength session and 2 Metabolic pairings or switch to a more bodybuilding program?

The other question is about diet…I do not know if should I up my carbs a week before to look not so flat, or should I keep the diet I am doing?

What would you guys do to look at your best this week?

I would keep doing whatever is that your doing if your making good progress. IMO it would be a mistake to make changes. If your trying to avoid the flat look, start upping the carb intake 2 days before you leave.


OK, from what you said you appear to have two immediate goals:

1)Fat loss to look good for your vacation

2)Ramping up the training volume and frequency in the weeks leading up to your vacation. I assume the reason for this is to keep making gains while you are on holiday? If this is true then you are looking at a training style similar to Poliquin’s Super Accumulation program:

These are two radically different goals, and require very different approaches. Attempting to achieve both in such a short time frame is unlikely to succeed.

If Poliquin is to be believed, you will need to hammer yourself to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion to achieve a supercompensation effect on your week off.

I would advise against going down the supercompensation route, because I’d guess that you’d like to enjoy your vacation without feeling like death warmed up:)

The two training styles are not compatible, so if you try to mix the two, you will probably be disappointed with the results.

Stick with the fat loss. Then enjoy your vacation. Save the muscle gaining phase for when you get back…