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Training Density and Volume

I wanted to know the experts opinions on training density for fat loss weither it be for weight training or for energy system work. Thibaudeau mentioned it in his interview and Waterbury has brought it up on several occasions.

I would also like and volume training recommendations the experts might have. I know Ian King lays out 12-20 total sets is optimal during one session. I was just wanted to hear opinions on the matter

I’m a big fan of always trying to increase training density as long as the athlete’s performance doesn’t decrease. I firmly believe that the higher your training density is, the more important will be your physical progress … regardless of your objective.

Obviously taking 45 seconds rest periods between sets using 90-95% might not be the best idea in the world, as the CNS might not have time to recover fully.

But I find that gradually decreasing rest intervals over time is a very effective way to promoting consistant gains.

When talking about fat loss, a high training density allows you to avoid spending a ton of time in the gym and thus reduce the risk of inducing a catabolic situation, which can be disastrous when on an hypocaloric diet.

I’d rather have an athlete focus on increasing density over trying to increase volume.