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Training Delts After Arms?


Was thinking of training delts today, two days after tri's and bi's. Anyone train shoulders this soon after arms? I was thinking of only doing 1 or 2 compound moves, standing presses and uprights. The standing presses I might even do as non-lockout. Tri's and bi's are still a bit sore, just looking for opinions. I am a big fan of antagonistic training, chest and back on same day, bi's and tri's. I always try to figure out where to stick delts.


It wouldn't even occur to me that there was an issue training shoulders 2 days after arms. I truly don't think there is a problem here.

The arms are not going to be overtrained by working with shoulder presses at this point.

And if the shoulder work is going to be limited because of the arms being weaker due to this time point, I think that would require the arms to be really, really seriously lacking relative to the shoulders, which I trust is not the case.

Really, you should have no problem.


x2 what Bill said.

I've also been cutting the ROM short at the top of the shoulder press once I feel the triceps kicking in.


I guess it's always a matter of your own strengths and weaknesses. your tris may be sore, but it may not hamper your pressing movements at all. Of course 2 days may prove to be sufficient time for your muscles to recover. See how your strength is, and then make an assessment. Take note though, that you may seem fine strengthwise, but that possibly doing Tricep work one day, then heavy shoulder pressing 2 or 3 days later may add up to 2 tricep sessions a week, and may lead to stalled gains (again, you will have to do this for several weeks to assess your tolerence and recovery abilities).




Curious to see what that routine looks like. Can you post details?


Perhaps a problem here is an assumption that just because there is some soreness in the triceps means they can't/shouldn't be worked in pressing movements 2 days later.

There is no reason to fear that.


Check his t-cell thread.