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Training Deadlift With Straps vs No Straps


Try VersaGripps. I’ve been using them for years and you can strap up within 1-4 seconds.


Are you serious? Is this only in certain competitions or what?


I haven’t seen a single rulebook in strongman that bans sumo.


NAS and USS do not allow sumo.


I dunno man; I can’t find it in any of their rulebooks.

Come on man; don’t spoil the joke.


Did I say do not? I meant do.


I never got the hang of straps and bought a set of hooks. They velcro on your wrists and have metal j-hooks. I mostly pull with them except for heavy singles. I was spending too much time trying to wrap the straps around the bar and lost all tension.


I tried it both setting the straps kneeling and the way pwnisher described. Straightening my legs and getting my air seemed to help a lot. Another related issue. Filmed myself deadlifting for the first time and my form is just all around terrible. So that may have been part ofvthe issue to begin with. Gonna have to work on not rounding so bad.


I’ve never liked rushing to set my grip whether is was mixed, hook or straps. I use this method as well to set my bracing for the pull.


Start a form check thread or training log filled with vids


I may start a log. Not a terrible idea. Thank you.