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Training Deadlift With Straps vs No Straps

I usually do all my 95%+ deadlifts without straps. But I still occasionally use them for high rep sets. Grip has never been my limiting factor. Whenever I try to get heavy with them it’s like I can’t get tight enough. Without them I can get my air and set my lats then just coil myself up and grip and rip. Having to set the straps then get tight fucks me all up. Is there a trick to getting tight from the bottom? Or do I just need to work on strapping up faster? This wouldn’t even be an issue but im going to compete in both pl and strongman. Got my first competition for each in July. So I’d like to get better with the straps as well.

I’m curious about this as well. I don’t move real weight but using straps is a mind game for me. Hard to get ready bent over strapped to a bar lol

I also prefer to get my air up top and drop in for the pull, but it’s pretty impossible with straps like you said.

My last deadlift day I strapped in while kneeling, got my breath, and quickly popped onto my feet into my stance and pulled. Seemed to work better than bending down to do so.

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I’ll probably try that. Seems like I’ve seen some other guys do that also

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Yeah my best pulls are always mixed grip strapless, but the big boys go strapped so there’s got to be a point where it’s preferable

My max is in the low 5s at any given time so I would imagine it’s not quite heavy enough to really need them. I just want to get used to them so on down the road when I have to do an axle deadlift or something it’s not awkward as he’ll.

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I think for rep/volume work straps are good for even back development vs mixed grip reps.

You can do I single tight revolution of the bar with the straps. Less secure but mich faster. Tbh two revolutions is still pretty fast when I do it. Should be able to do your set up as usually then set your straps like you’d set your grip unless you are a rip and grip pulller. Is two extra seconds at the bottom really that bad?

So more or less just get faster? It takes me around 10 seconds to get them them the way I want em usually. I’ll practice it a little. I’ve tried the figure 8 wraps and just hate them in general. They’re supposed to be faster though.

Allow me to demonstrate with the most strongmanny deadlifts ever

It’s not about speed: I’ll do this for rest pause sets where I stay strapped to the bar. Notice how RIGHT before I start the pull, I get my upper torso parallel to the floor? What I’m doing is standing “up” while being bent over. This allows you to open up your lungs as much as possible and get in a big belly breath of air. THEN, you roll your hips under your shoulder and clamp down hard on that air. This is going to make you VERY braced. So much so that I’ll use this same style even without straps.


Yeah lol. Might wanna experiment with different styles of pull as suggested or even change your main style of pull to be more strap friendly. Not saying you need to do the full pro strongman rolling bar set up but for example if you watch Larry wheels strongman series his strapped pull was shite in the beginning coming from a background of thousands of pulls done in a very quick top down set up manner but he has implemented tweaks and worked on it progressively getting better and better.

Figure 8s are good if you can find a pair to fit you. Most are too big for me and hang long even when I take em way out to the side because I’m a manlet.

Makes so much sense but this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. Applies to lots of styles of pulls straps or nah

I’m assuming you mean things like car deadlift, 18" deadlift, etc, in which case, yeah. It’s how I brace for all deadlifting, straps or no.

Thanks man. I’ll work on it. My next heavy deadlift day is tomorrow so I’ll play aroind with it some.

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Hope it works dude. Give it a go on the warm-up sets. Even without straps, you can accomplish it by setting your hands first and then bracing.

So bracing at top doesn’t work for ya or is it handier to be able to brace in the bottom?

Hey, while we’re talking about straps and I’m giving away all my secrets, people put their straps on REALLY stupid. I made a video about a good way to do it a while back. See if it helps.

Basically, you want the straps to work AGAINST themselves. With this way, you don’t even need to hold onto the bar, which allows you to cheat the ROM a little by removing your thumb and letting it hang in your fingertips.

I was doing this before figure 8s made it cool.

I haven’t braced at the top in so long that I’d have to spend the time to learn how to do it, and it ultimately wouldn’t do me any good, since I pull with straps. And even when I don’t, I can get VERY solidly braced from the bottom.


But that’s cheating… I like it.

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People are wearing grip shirts in the sport now. I don’t think you can cheat in the sport anymore.


How about a sumo deadlift? Only it would be awkward to hitch so maybe it goes against the spirit of strongman.

Sumo is allowed.