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Training Days

I have just started weight training a few weeks ago but am unsure on the best structure for my training days. I work a 3 on 3 off rotation at work which is making it difficult for me to work out, I can’t work out the days I am at work as I just don’t have the time and I’m too tired by the time I get home.

Basically this leaves me two options train on my first and last day off or train each of the three days I am off. Both ideas have downsides, training only two days (which I am trying at the moment)

I struggle as it means a long work out and by the time I am approaching the end I am exhausted and I know I am not working as hard as I could, working out 3 days in a row also seems less than ideal as I have read there should be a rest day between strength training days. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could best spread my workout and what areas to focus on each day?

Day 1- Chest/Biceps/some shoulders maybe
Day 2- Legs/Abs
Day 3- Back/Triceps

It’s what I did for a while when I was on a strict time constraint.

You can, do an all compound excersise program.

Like Day 1 Bench all variations
Day2 Squats maybe Deadlifts- all variations
Day 3 Power Cleans and dips.

You’ll have to experimint to find out which program works best for you.

Swap day one and day two since most leg exercises put some additional strain on the back as well.

Ok guys thanks foe the suggestions looks good I’ll see how I get on.