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Training days w/ games

Ok, so I am just about done with my training plan for my rugby in-season. Its gonna be the tier system 3 days a week. Now I can either go Sun/Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Fri. My question is with games on saturdays which one would be better?? Either way I get 1 day off during the week (our practice is 2 hours mon-thurs). Thx guys, I’ll post my plan in a separate thread later this weekend.

oh, and another quick question. If I get banged up real hard in practice (did that yesterday, my knees feel like shit), I mean right now I just bruised the bone in my right knee, so it hurts to sprint and move weights and stuff, but I know its just a minor nuisance. Should I just workout through it on my 3rd day or try and layoff so I am recovered for saturday’s match. cheers.

Train the day after the game and take a total rest day (no practice or weights but you can still be somewhat active) the day before the game. Its your performance on the field that counts so be rested.

If it really is excruciatingly painful work around it otherwise suck it up. Remember you play rugby. If you didnt train every time you got a minor nuisance you would never train. But like I said in the other post its your performance on the field that counts so do what you gotta do to be ready. Ice helps too so I hear. Good luck

If it was anywhere else I would train, but I have had a long history of knee problems, so I figure that since it is the first game and all I should just play it safe. Besides, since this has pretty much been my test week for the tier system I figure I can take a break, the doms has been hell anyways. :slight_smile:

Next week it is full steam ahead though, as no games till april and I can go balls to the wall w/ a 3x5 tier until then.