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Training cycles


Has anyone ever done a cycle consisting of as:

Bodybuilding: 8 weeks
Strength Training(westside): 8 weeks
Weightlifting: 8 weeks

Just curious, because I've been really having a good time with westside, and I recently fell in love with Weightlifting. Just curious how people with multiple training passions do it.



I thought we had this talk the other day. I see no need in doing specific bodybuilding work. if you already train Westside then you can adapt westside to increase muscle mass at a faster rate. There are three ways to increase muscle tension. Dynamic method, repetition method, and max effort method. Most programs only address the repetition method. I think you would be better off adding in days of olympic lifting and technique work for olympic lifting instead of concentrating on one aspect for a certain period of time. Because when you come back there will be some relearning in the first couple of weeks that will limit progress. You might want to consult some of the books over at elite that deal with training the weightlifter. there are a couple of those. Or you could ask Mike Stone. haha.


Doing Westside?

You fell in love with powerlifting, not weightlifting.


Wow. I need to read more closely.


You can do a modified Westside program with Oly lifting. Just start with cleans and snatches on the dynamic leg days. Do mulitple sets/short rests with 75-80% max. You can also add squat jumps/loaded squat-box jumps on this day. On the dynamic upperbody day, you can start with push jerks, same loading principle as DE leg day. The ME days stay pretty much the same as Westside, but you can add snatch-grip deadlifts(my personal favourite exercise)on the "squat" day and push-presses on "bench" day. This is what I've been doing,and I really like it. Mon-DE legs, Wed-DE upper, Thurs-ME legs, Sat-ME upper. Tuesdays and Fridays I do track and conditioning work. On these days I start with medicine ball work, then do either sled-pulling or HIIT sprints(alternated)and follow the workout with heavy abdominal work. I must give credit to Cristian Thibaudeau for helping me structure this program.


I'll probably be doing exactly what LE outlined in the initial post. mainly cause i get bored, and i do this for the fun, not to squat 1000lbs or win the Mr O.
after that i'll be playing h2o polo again and cant be too big or i'll sink.
depends on the individuals priorities.


The bodybuilding cycle part isn't for me. I should of stated that. The Weightlifting/Powerlifting is what I'm concerned with, but my training partner wants to get back into bodybuilding. So I was just asking how you guys would cycle such a program.

I think I figured out how I'm going to add Weightlifting movements in now. Thanks for the comments.