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Training Cycle Interrupted

5 weeks into a JM style 12 training cycle, so basically just started the second phase upping the volume. Got some bug that knocked me out of the gym for a week+. Should i go back in and start phase1 again, hop right back into phase 2 or something in between? thanks in advance. Going to try to get back in tomorrow

id say up your calories and up your sleep and go with phase two

^ x2

I would continue on with Phase 2 unless you were severely sick and lost a significant amount of weight or strength.

the same thing happened to me man…I got a stomache virus about 6 weeks into my new program…took me out for about 12 days no joke…never had anything like it before, but it took about 6-7 days before I could actually eat a regular size meal. I decided to just take the rest of this week off and catch up on some sleep then begin again next week…I’m starting over… I lost about 7 lbs or so. and I know I lost a good bit of strength. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Also I dunno if you lift in like a home gym or a commecial gym, but whatch out for the stupid morons who are sick and decide to not take time off and instead spread their sickness to everyone else…

You can’t predict how those first few days are going to feel. Just play it by ear and see where you end up in a week.

Thanks for the advice guys, still cant shake it, heading to the doc and crossing my fingers its not bronchitis or anything that will keep me out longer.