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Training cycle for SPF mini pro/am august 31 manchestor, TN

Im new to keeping my logs online. But my buddy and pro lifter corey hayes said I should start giving this a shot so I figured I would. I lift on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sundays are bench assistant days. Mondays are fucking destroy the lower back days with some deadlifts. Wedensdays are heavy bench days. Fridays are fucking squats.

May 20th Deadlifts
We got this deadlift training cycle for this meet off of Dan Green himself.

warm ups
working sets
500x5 conventional
545x5 4 inch blocks
455x8 2 inch deficit

safety bar squats
290 3x5 I do these instead of front squats.
10x better then having to balance the bar on your front delts

cat back rows
90lbs 4x12

50 reps