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Training & Cutting


any sugestin how to combine cardio and what training should I use in cut phaze

I was thinkog to do EDT phazeII on monday , wednesday and friday

cardio on tuesday , thursday and saturday in the morning on empty stomach (15 min. HIIT)

sunday - rest

what do you think ?


or maybe GVT 2000 on cutting phaze

any advice ?


My advice: Stop thinking about it and go and do it.

All the programs on this site are top quality, you should get results from them.

Bottom line: Do a good program consistently, keep a moderate energy deficit and you will shred up.


I know two really intense workouts that'll get you really cut, but when I say "really intense" - I mean it.

Swimming style -

Swim 3-5 laps (or however many you get in about 5 minutes, an above moderate pace. You can do freestyle, or alternate strokes - personally I like to alternate strokes).
Immediately get out of the water and do 35 pushups and 35situps, then immediately dive back into the pool and swim another 3-5 laps. Repeat this process for as long as you can, I generally do about 45min-1hr per cycle.

You should get AT LEAST 3.

Running style

-Run for .5 miles at 5min-6:30min pace, or run 1mile at a 6:30-8min pace.

Then immediately do 35pushups, 35situps, 20dips, and 10-15 pullups.

Rinse and repeat this for about an hour. The rule of thumb is to get at least 3 sets of each accomplished, and work your way up towards eventually being able to do 10. It'll get you cut and in incredible cardiovascular shape.



Don't do HIIT on an empty stomach. Either do low-intensity fasted cardio, or HIIT. Don't mix them though, the science behind both is very different.


before HIIT I will take glutamin and BCAA