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Training Consecutive Days

Hey guys

It is now summer break for me and i have a ton of free time to train. I have been going to the gym very often (about every day, sometimes 2x a day) and i have also been throwing a bit (i throw shotput and discus for my school).

Im very curious about something i noticed today (and the last time i worked out consecutive days in a row). I find that i actually get stronger when i cycle through a second time. When i workout consecutively, i have a heavy workout (Day 1- 2/3 reps), a moderate workout (day 2- 6/8 reps) and a light workout (day 3- 12+ reps and easier exercises like pulldowns instead of pull ups).

After i finish the 3rd day, id repeat day 1. I find that i am actually stronger on this heavy day then i was when i started the “cycle”, despite working out 3 days before. I just think this is odd because i am very aware how the CNS and our muscles need rest. I also dont seem to feel very overtrained or “beat”. As soon as i do i plan on taking a few days off.

Did anyone else notice this when they switched over to a high frequency program or does anyone know why this happens? Also, even though im making progress, would anyone recommend taking a few days off from experience?

Thanks alot

Your technique is getting better from practicing the movements so much. Keep going until you can’t move as much weight anymore, then take a break.