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Training CNS

ok so what is supposed to be the best way to train your CNS? allot of reps with light weight - to give your nervous system a chance to learn “how to do the exercise with the most efficiency”, do low reps with big weight - so you would “know” how to push heavy, imagine doing allot of reps with a big weight - coz this gives “more stimulus for the brain and can be more efficient then practice”?

also what minerals, vitamins, nutrients, macronutrients or even supplements stimulate the CNS?
what’s your opinion, and more importantly, why do you think so?

and no - muscle growth is not a part of the problem.

Just harness the chi man, harness the chi! (j/k)

Check out Chad Waterbury’s training methods he’s one of the authors at this site. Also, as far as products that stimulate the CNS check out Spike, Spike Shooter, and Power Drive. You can read up on them in the T-Nation store.


oh ok thanks

Training consistantly in the rep range that fits your goal will make your CNS more effecient. By lifting weigths you will get better at it both in body and neurally. it takes time.

For me sure higher rep makes me tired etc, But not like that of going HEAVY. That a max effort day for say legs leave me mentally for dead for a few days. just the CNS taking a huge blast and has a long effect that requires rest.

But you get used to it with lke I said time and training. the CNS again is something you build over time.