Training, CNS Stress & Studying

I have noticed couple years ago that heavy lifting has a significant impact on my ability to mentally focus on studying. For example when I train hard for low reps (to 5 or 6) then next days I feel somewhat less able to achieve mental concentration on text/learning, and I am usually distracted, and must have some time to settle down and focus.

It is greatly increased when low carbing, but I already know that consumation of 150-185 grams of carbs is needed for normal cognitive functions (or 100g by some resources) .
However when I don’t train, I am able to achieve maximal focus, and don’t have any of these isses related to studying.

Is there some connection between CNS stressing/overstressing or just heavy lifting and ability to mentaly focus that can be scientifically explained? Does body use ingested proteins and other nutrients to repair training-wrecked muscle cells and continue other biological processes,but, by harming cognitive functions at the same time???

How often to you deload? I was having the same problem as you for a while and I noticed that as long as I deloaded for a couple of sessions or a whole week every fourth or so week, these issues went away.

Also, using Power Drive and Spike has really helped alot, try them if you can.