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Training Changes During Test Injections


Hey guys,

I have been receiving T injections for TRT and I was just wondering what changes do I need to make to my training to maximize the 'anabolic effect' of the TRT (200mg Test Cyp, every 2 weeks)? I typically train 3 days a week, doing full workouts, low rep/compound lift type of stuff. I also do boxing 3-4 days a week. Age: 35, 5'11", 170. I have lifted weights on and off since high school, and I have been experiencing decent gains with my current program.

Should I just increase the volumne? I usually keep the reps around 25-30 per bodypart, per session (i.e. 8 sets of 4 reps of squats).I plan on increasing my calories accordingly.

Thanks in advance.


The key here is what you said in your post: "I plan on increasing my calories accordingly."

Do that. Keep training with thew compound movements and up your caloric intake. I like to up my protein and healthy fat levels first to keep a leaner physique.


200 mg injected once every 2 weeks will make you feel great for the first week, then feel like crap for the last week. You need to self-inject and do it more frequently in divided doses (like 2X/week). See the stickies on the T-replacement forum for more info.


My doc told me there were 4 options. The shot my them, the shot by me, the patch or the gel. I chose the shot by them since I am nervous about it and didnt want to administer it myself. And my insurance covers it, but the shot is the cheapest option. Will check out the sticky... Thanks!


AS STATED (and ignored apparently) a shot of testosterone regardless of ester (your doc will claim this bullshit) every two weeks will put you on a horrible hormonal roller coaster...that is old school BS thinking in regards to male hormone replacement. 50 mg twice a week say on monday and thursday is equivalent in terms of total dose and will be FAR superior.


200mg per two weeks is a low dose even by TRT standards. You want to get onto 200mg a week if possible. You'll do much better. Either tell your doc its not doing the trick, or shop around and get a new doctor. And morepain is spot on about twice a week, its a much better schedule and you'll feel much better for it.


No it isnt. At all.

Post less often about this stuff.

100mg per week is standard. 100mg of T ester. Factor the weight of the ester and you have around 70mg of testosterone. Young males produce around 10mg of T per day, give or take a few milligrams.

100mg T + AI + hCG works very well for most people.

OP direct TRT questions to the T replacement forum. More experience there and more threads to read about the exact topic


That depends on who you ask. Anti-aging doctors are more open to using higher doses, since they are more focused on the physiological changes associated with a higher than normal testosterone level. If all you want to do is replicate a "natural" hormonal state then I'll agree that 100mg per week is fine, but nearly all of those people will do better on 200mg which should push them into the upper accepted natural limit of testosterone levels, around 1000ng.

And normal males produce on average less than 5mg per day of testosterone...



lol which lends further support to 100mg/wk being NOT on the low end for testosterone REPLACEMENT therapy.


You said "normal males" produce 5mg on average.

I specfically said 'young males'. The whole point of TRT is the acknowledgment that T levels decline with age. Of course the average for ALL males will be lower than YOUNG males.


The reference range for ages in the study is 22-34. 5mg is normal for young males.

100mg is an ok dose, I'm not disagreeing with you on that, its just 200mg is better for a large number of people, and I think that's a fair comment, especially since the guy wants to get the most "anabolic effect" out of his TRT program.


10mg/d is high. I said 'give or take' a few. Shouldnt have said "give".

Im still standing by 100mg/wk as being sufficient for TRT.

Where are you getting that 200mg/wk is better for a large number of people? If your argument that more test leads to higher levels then yes, obviously that is correct. And 300mg is better than 200mg if the anabolic effects are sought. And 400mg is better than 3


My TRT script is 100mg/wk. Brett620, the shot is the definitely the way to go. Ask your doc to have a nurse train you on how to inject so that you can do it yourself. Also give them some data that shows that injecting Test cypionate E3D is better for stable test levels. Make sure that they don't give you crazy large needle sizes too, they sometimes don't have a clue about that either. You don't want to be injecting with a 20GA needle. Also as BONEZ217 stated, go to the TRT forum for more threads. Anything by KSMAN is golden.


BONEZ IS DEAD ON on the numbers with this....i have been dealing with this myself for 20 years i have been on HRT since i was 19 due to problems at birth. 100 mg weekly split into two 50mg doses will be ideal for putting the body in "mid-high normal" range. I have years of blood work to prove it.

However 200mg is often seen as the upper limit before harm outweighs benefit...so some doctors will go there but labs will generally come back way over the high limit unless teh "patient in question" is pretty good at manipulationg their readings to maintain the script for the higher dose (i don't know anyone that would do that)