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Training Challenges

Hi guys
Has anyone got any good physical challenges they have done or know of? I am thinking things like 1.5mile run in a certain time, being able to deadlift XXX times bodyweight, squat XXX times bodyweight etc things that if you could accomplish all of them you could think of yourself as a good well rounded athlete.
And just for fun if anyone has ever done a stupidly hard workout/challenge post that too!

I’ll start off on that one-
When training for my first MMA fight when i was 16 yo i read in a Randy Couture training book that one of his toughest workouts was to get someone the same sort of weight as yourself then run with that person as far away from the starting point as possible for 15 minutes, you must then stop, and ‘piggy back’ or firemans carry each other back to the start as fast as you can, as soon as you are too tired to carry them you put them down then they carry you. It was BRUTAL and the guy who i did it with was about 20lbs heavier than me at the time haha

This ^

is very different from this ^.

Paul Carter and Wendler have some famous/infamous goals in their “What Constitutes Strong” rant, discussed here. Like squat or dead 500x20, press 315 overhead, do 10 pull-ups with 100 pounds added.

Dan John has some more reasonable (arguably more realistic) goals in this article. Bodyweight bench x15, double bodyweight deadlift for reps, 15 pull-ups, etc.

For the actual challenges, not goals, a while back I came up with the 365-rep New Year’s Challenge. One upper body exercise and one lower body exercise, 180-185 reps each, done in any breakdown, making the whole workout 365 total reps.

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Thanks for the response dude. Those goals from Wendler and Carter are insane! 500 for 20 reps haha that’s incredible.

The ones in Dan John’s article look much more doable, I will give that article a good read thanks for the link!

365 rep challenge looks like some real work capacity challenger and seems a great way to build some mental toughness too.

And we still resent you for it a little bit.

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T-minus 5 months to the next one.

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To be fair, I tried to be a smart arse both times and that’s what killed me. Note to self: 365 squats in one set is neither useful, sticking to the challenge nor worth it just to win an Internet argument.