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Training certification

If anyone is a certified trainer can you please fill me in with all the details of how you became certified, like age, experiece, ect…

I decided to go the academia route. While studying at University I got my CFC certification from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Personal Trainer Specialist from Can-Fit-Pro (good course for the basics but that’s about it!), member of the NSCA and SWIS (can’t wait 'till they get their certification courses out). I am now completing a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and I am a Certified Kinesiologist (Ontario Kinesiology Association). One of the best things I ever did was attend the SWIS symposium for the past 2 years. I have been to several other symposiums (Can-Fit-Pro, CSEP…) but these are stocked full with amazing presenters and lots of information that you can use with your clients as soon as you get home! (I even got to meet Lee Haney, Milos Sarcev, Bill Kazmaier, Ed Coan, Bill Pearl, and the list goes on!) Check it out at www.swis.ca. That led to me taking the 3-day Boot Camp with Ian King…WOW! Well worth the time and money. Oh, yeah…I’m 25yrs old now and have been working in a gym for the past 6 years as a personal trainer (now have my own company).
Best of luck to you!