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Training Causing Issue with Paleo Diet


I have been Paleo for 7 months. In this time I have lost 50lbs. and am now the strongest I have been in years. I has worked just fine in kettlebell workouts as well as crazy gym workouts as well.

Problem is that the workouts have changed into some max effort days with higher weight and lower reps and it made me gass. Carb loading is something that I am unfamiliar with.

When do I do it? Before the workout....how much carbs do I need? How soon do I eat them? I am very low carb by default and it has worked out well for me until now. Partner made the comment that he is honestly shocked I have been able to keep up this far without eating enough (I am under 50g/day easily).

Any advice would help!


under 50g daily?
in paleo arnt you suppose to eat tons of veggies and nuts
and fruit fits into paleo too right?


You're just going to have figure out what works best for you by playing around with your diet and see what yields the best results.

For starters gradually bump your carbs up to a decent amount for a bulk ~200g and try to consume them mostly around your workout.


Having followed a similar route for a few years, I would opt for a sensible introduction, e.g. 50g post-workout and perhaps another 50g an hour later as part of a meal, and go for rice and or potatoes as carb choices.

The biggest challenge I felt in this position was psychological: you almost immediately feel and look fuller. You can gain 2-5lbs in days and look just as lean. That led me off the wagon a bit and I wanted to eat more carbs. I often felt more sluggish prior to workouts, probably due to carb choice, etc. Therefore I believe for me back-loading is more valuable.


I understand the theory of after workout carbs....I just don't think it is all that important as I was a very strict post workout shake guy for years. I recover just fine without it and just eat very paleo without any concerns of what I eat or how much.

I general I am ok....I could do kettlebell workouts just fine, interval training, lighter weight higher rep hr. long workouts and even full out sprinting workouts.

All of this was under the 50g of carbs a day. Now the weights have shot up and the workouts have gotten shorter but way up in the intensity level.

Shouldn't I eat carbs pre workout? Rice and sweet potatoes are probably the densest thing I can eat....just when do I eat them?