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Training, Cardio, and Rest

Hi there.

I am slowly starting a new programme following the loss of 15kilos. It’s going to be a 3 workout a week programme.

The thing is that I am afraid I will gain fat again. Seeing as my previous programme was 4 times a week oriented towards burning calories (+ the fact that I am gradually increasing my food intakes +150-200cal/week).

So I thought of integrating some cardio in my new programme too.

Something like:
Monday: training 1
Wednesday: training 2
Friday: training 3
Sunday: cardio

This way I would leave enough rest to muscles to develop after each training right?

Concerning the carido activity, I don’t know which would be better, something like 40min-1h of normal cardio activity or around 20 minutes of HIIT? I think HIIT would be best to accelerate my metabolism and preventing to burn muscle. What’s your opinion?

Thanks in advance for the advices.

Just because you are losing a day doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain weight. It will depend on your new routine along with your diet. I think your best bet is a good full body workout. There is a ton of info around here on the subject.

As far as cardio i am a big fan of HIIT. When i was doing the FBW i was doing my cardio on the days i didn’t lift and that suited me.

good luck


Anyway, I think the “scared to gain again” part is purely psychologic, as I am still current 1000cal below what my body is using everyday.
It should work ok as long as I increase the intakes slowly.

My question was more on should I do cardio only once a week or more? Knowing it could screw up the weight gain if overdone.