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Training Camps In Thailand


Hi, basically I want to go to thailand to train and have found an MMA camp over there www.tigermuaythai.com which interested me a lot because I love MMA and really want to get into it. I have done Martial Arts before so im not a noob, i just wanna find the best camps over there so i get the most out of the training. If anyone has any recommendations on which camps are the best/one you have attended it would be a big help...



If your serious about training and not going to dick off (all the time) id really consider this place


I just stayed there six months about a year ago. Great ppl and trainers they will work your butt off but good ppl good times etc.

There are threads on here some damn where with pics I put up of it theres a great place to stay right there on premesis ran by two sisters, cheap as dirt food vendors galore of course etc.


feel free to post any questions for me and Ill do my best if I dont get back or see it PM me

I was also at the new Fairtex facility and around some other places as well



That camp does look quite hardcore which is what im looking for really as I would like to get my fitness up really high. The only thing is like I say I would like to get some MMA training mixed in like brazillian Jiu Jitsu, have you heard about any other camps thats do MMA that are ment to be good, Thanks Phil!


If your main focus isn't muay thai..why are you going to thailand for MMA training? You're better off going to iowa, california, or if you really want to get out of the country you can go to Brazil. All those places have much better MMA gyms.


I spent a couple of weeks at Fairtex in Bangkok. It was the more expensive of the camps but it was well and truly worth it. I learnt a fair bit and enjoyed the time over there.

As far as MMA goes, I think Tiger has a pretty poor reputation. My personal view is that you go to Thailand either to train your stand up or get some cheap AAS. The good part is that there will be a bunch of guys you live with to learn off also. So it could be a good experience.

Keep us updated on how it goes because I wouldn't mind an extended stay down at Phuket.