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Training by Candlelight


I am going to start a meaningless thread except for the fact that it was a first for me anyway.

Here in the 3rd world shit hole of Detroit if a flock of sparrows flies by our DTE sub stations too fast the electricity goes out. Therefore having what amounted to not much more than a stiff breeze we were without power all day. Including my training time for leg day. It is a bizarre experience training legs like a madman in near darkness by flickering candlelight. Of course no sooner was I done and headed upstairs did the power come back on.

Nobody probably cares about this at all, but with all the meaningless threads we've had over the years I've been here it's my turn to start one


Should have invited the better half downstairs to get a "feel" for your range of motion :smiley:

Otherwise THAT'S dedication -_-


I live in a 3rd world country and have the power always go out, sometimes for days, it's just a normal thing.

I have trained with candles, concrete benches and a cement dumbells among other great stuff.

Feel proud you lived in a develop country with a lot of great oportunities.



I don't think it is meaningless one bit. With all the posts about "take a week off with your runny nose" and "I pulled a muscle should I take 2 years off lifting?" I think this small little glimmer into the mind of someone with goals, and the balls to try and achieve them, year in and year out, could be one of the better threads on page one in this forum.

At least that is how I see it, beautiful. Thanks.


While I certainly don't live in any 3rd world countries, I have been the guy who treks out in the middle of a horrible storm because it's leg day,... and yes, I have trained in a gym that has no electricty as a result (actually the gym was an old warehouse with ceiling about 50 feet high, ad sky lights, so it was actually kinda cool in a hardcore/creepy sort of way)



I train in my garden and by the time I'm finishing off my session with some heavy deads the lights normally all but gone. It feels bad ass pulling in the (city light polluted) moonlight. It gets really interesting when it rains :slight_smile:


Well the wind picked up again later after midnight and we lost power again, but it's back now when I woke up. As long as nobody sneezes maybe we can stay in 21st century America for a while. This has gotten worse in the last year. I've been all over this country, lived through hurricanes, desert monsoons and screaming blizzards never seeing a place that loses power this easily. I grew up here and it was never like this.

The fact that we had no power also meant no sound either so yeah, it was kinda spooky. Almost dark outside and my basement only has 2 small ground level windows and one of em is totally covered by my wife's plants. Quiet and dark with dancing shadows on the walls.

I could barely see myself in the mirror. There's an eerie kind of amplified mind muscle connection because not being able to really see you have to go by feel. I do that anyway, but it's weird being forced to.


I've worked out in a flooded gym where the water nearly came to my knees. It was different, especially when it was time to put the weight down.


^^squatting must've been interesting. bubbles are a tell-tale sign.


id like to try that some time, sounds really atmospheric. maybe a halloween training nigt at the gym?


It does change your mindset in a way it's tough to put your finger on. By the time I was done I was almost used to it though.