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Training by a powerlifter

Today I was in my office, and a guy came in toting an EAS water bottle. I though oh no, not another salesman. It turns out that he wanted to talk about health insurance at his company.

I could tell the guy worked out. He wasn’t huge or nothing just built. As we got to talking about insurance and what not, I asked him if he worked out. He said yes, and I told him about my journey of getting back into shape and what not.

Anyhow, it turns out this guy holds 3 world records for powerlifting! I was all ears and really pumped. The talk of insurance stopped and we talked about training.

I don’t know much about powerlifting competitions but he told me what his competitions were. He was a all natural, no belts, or bench shirts world record holder. Anyhow he trains at a different gym than I do.

He invited me to start training with him! He says I don’t have a workout partner and if you are interested in learning how to train naturally he could help. I think the Hallelujah chorus sounded as he spoke to me.

Anyhow, he told me about his powerlifting competitions around the world. He also told me he speaks regularly with Dr. Yessisus ( I guess he’s a guru.) and he’s got a lot of info to help me train.

So I am really pumped! I told him I would check out and begin training with him soon.

He’ll teach me about the glute ham raise, explosive training, plyometrics, high rep training, etc., I feel so blessed to meet a guy of that caliber who is natural and wants a workout partner.

Take care,


Just try to learn as much as you possibly can.

And remember to pass on the info to us :slight_smile:

Chints good idea,

I’m completing a bulking cycle now and then I’m on vacation. However, when I get back and begin to train with this guy. I’ll keep a thread updated. His training program for his contests last 8 months! He said he doesn’t get around to lifting heavy until a month before the contest.

I’m sure I’ll be mainly learning techniques and tricks of the trade so to speak. I’ll gladly share whatever I learn.

What’s his fucking name? There must be a web site listing world power lifting record holders and I would want to check this guy out. Could be it’s just a line in to get the insurance contract…or to get into your pants. He may be just what he says but you can color me cynical.

I agree with tinman, never hurts to check. If he is what he says he is, turn him onto T-mag, get him on the forum

When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.

I agree with several points. What is his name/check him out.

And u better damn well keep us informed if he is ligit. :slight_smile:


I am sorry but he is not a champion your getting bull shitted,…there are a million local feds out there that hand out shit with no rules…and if he claims he lifts in a fed with no bench shirts or belts then you really are getting bullshited bad…hell one day i had to train at a ymca and had like 3 guys tell me they were powerlifitng champs…there are 4-5 real federations out there (APF, IPA, USAPL, WABDL, USPF,) they all wear bench shirts and belts and the champions of these feds are all very very well known in the powerlifitng communnity and many of them lift in the WPO and big meets such as Bench America…The usapl is the most strict genuine fed there is and they wear single ply gear…your not powerlifitng if you dont wear gear…gear=powerlifitng these feds above are like the nfl… if your lifting in some fed where they dont even wear belts its not real its not football its soccer…i am not trying to be a ass i am just speaking the truth…in my opinion if your going to learn powerlifting learn it the right way…and if some one is telling you he is a champ in a fed with out belts if feeding you shit…bm

I’ve read the responses and I’ll give you his name, Ron Gibson.

I don’t think he would BS me about this but who knows. I don’t know if his world records were for his age, weight, or what. It would be difficult to find out. Maybe some of you on T-Mag would be able to help me out here.

It would also seem strange because I almost had to drag this information out of him. He didn’t just start bragging about it.

Wideguy, if you know how to do a search for this stuff let me know. Worst case is that he’s not a world record holder, but he still competed with the best of the best.

I hope that helps.


I understand your skepticism. I got his name wrong it’s Ron Madison. He’s like incredible in the bench for his weight class. Many people know of him here in Muskegon MI.

So yes he is a champion. You guys need to not be so skeptical of these things. I’m going to begin working out with him next week.

That’s all I have to say about his credibility. You can ask Dr. Yessis if you want to about Ron.

All I can say is that I’m pumped and I hope to learn a lot.


Here’s the link and here’s the world record.


scroll down you’ll see Ron Madison 82.5 KG and a 190KG bench. I think he has two more records but I didn’t look for them.

So to all the skeptics, NA NA NA NANAH :wink:

BTW, I start training with him Monday.