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Just curious about what weight lifting/body building/powerlifting books is everyones favorite…
i personally like most of arnolds books (kind of old school) just thoguth this may be fun and get everyones mind of the pro hormone ban for a little bit…p.s. has anyone used thib’s new black book of training secrets??

The most entertaining training book I ever read was “The Complete Keys to Progress”. A little more old school than Arnold since it is material from the 60’s.

I like I. King’s get buffed I book. Simple, straight forward advice. Wish I had his book when I first started training.

I hope you’re just looking at the “Arnold” books for the photos and not the training advice. CT’s book is excellent and his second “Modern Strength…” is even better. He is the real deal. Get his stuff.

has anybody used any of larry scotts training principles, i bought his book and did his arm rountine for a while and i thought it worked great

christian thibaudeau’s books

very motivational intense book = dinosaur training

best one i ever read on the subject of weight lifting/getting stronger

i had the mindset somewhat before reading the book, but after reading this book it motivated me so much and made me realize: what are you a sissy iamnobody? ADD WEIGHT TO THE BAR EVERYTIME

horrible book -> the power program

Larry Scott did some amazing things to his biceps and his delts. I haven’t tried his routines, are you using the stuff in Loaded Guns or did you buy his weird program from his website or what?

you can’t add weight to the bar everytime, otherwise we’d be lifting thousands of pounds.

i wasnt saying it like that

erm, it depends on how you are adding it. lockout/bottom/off boards/regular etc… im not talking about one movement, … cant make progress? move onto a new movement, im talking about the typical way of doing things that people like westside use…

I have read the Power Program too, Dr. Colgan may be a pretty knowledgeable guy, but he is against deep squats. How can I respect someone who believes that.

I just picked up “The Book Of Muscle” Ian King. I recommend this highly for those just getting into body building, like myself. It’s a good and informative read and has photos along with how to properly execute the movement as well as variations on the theme. Plus, workouts to get you started. I paid 35 bucks for it at borders. Hardback with a dust cover, looks great on the coffee table :slight_smile:

Loopfitt - tell the guys at Westside they can’t add weight every workout!

Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia by John jesse is by far the most complete book ever on exercises whether they are weights, BW or sandbags.

It is one of Kubik’s faves as well.

There are so many exercises its amazing PLUS the have awesome pics of huge old-time strongmen for inspiration.

Unfortunately its out of print but you can get it on Ebay for 15-30 bucks.


I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not…if not, what are you implying?

if you like looking at the author of a book in his underwear demonstrating exercises or hearing of how and why he is the best strength trainer in the world on every page, then the power principle is for you.

What was your reason for not being able to add weight every time?

We’d be lifting a thousand pounds?

Is there something wrong with lifting a thousand pounds?

supertraining is great lots of info.

Weightlifting encyclopedia also excelent

I have the power program too don’t like it anymore too many sissy lunges and stability exercises.


john k. i was the Larry Scott book i have is loaded guns…what do you guys think of the ellington dardin (spelling) books, i have one that i bought when i first started, i have never tried it b/c it looks like you would gain alot of fat of the diet principles i think this book was written during the mega calorie diet hype but mayeb it works.

-Science and Practice of Strength Training.

-The Strength Coaches Playbook -Jim Wenn

-The Strongest Shall Survive - Bill Starr

-Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill - Udo Ersamus (sp?)

-Keys to Progress - McCullum

-CT’s newest book

-Speed Trap -Charlie Francis

-Olympic Style Weightlifting - Jim Schmitz

-The Training of a Weigtlifter - Roman

-Encyclopedia of Weightlifting - Dreshler

-Jumping Into Plyos. -Chu

-Bullet Proof Abs -Pavel

-Anabolic Diet -DiPasquale

-SuperTraining -Siff

-Fundamentals of Special Strength Training in Sport - Verkhoshansky

There’s more but I’ll have to check my book shelf.

Books I didnt like:
Ian King’s books
Power Factor Training