Training books

Can anyone recomend books on training and nutrition that they thought were a definite help and must have?Or even some good authors of training books.

Read my article called “Feed Your Head” in issue #101 of T-mag for staffers’ suggestions.

verhoshansky, siff, zatsiorsky, medvedyev, bompa…

I’m personally a big believer in Optimum Training Systems. I gained a lot of muscle and strength using Big Beyond Belief and The Anabolic Diet.

I recommend Ian King’s “Get Buffed” and “How to Write Strength Training Programs.”

I also recommend Charles Staley’s “The Science of Martial Arts Training.”

Charles Poliquin's book "The Poliquin Principles" is okay. I would wait until his new books come out.

I’ve also ordered Charlie Francis’ “Training for Speed.” It will be here in a few days, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a great read.

I’ve read a few other things, but the above are my recommended readings.

Good luck!

I don't have much on nutrition. I can handle my own needs without buying into one method over another.

My personal favorites. Get Buffed by Ian King, The Polquin Principles by CP and his Manly weight loss is pretty good for weight training and diet, if you overlook the shameless plugs for sportpharma. And finally Bodyopus by Dan Duchaine. In this last book you get a regular diet, Zone and Anabolic. Plus drugs and supplement recommendations and effects.

NHE, Natural Hormonal Enhancement. It is like the anabolic diet with a twist. This is the bible of nutrition books. Also has some good exercise info, but I use Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline.

“Dinosaur Training” by Brooks D Kubik.